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FREE Virtual Workshops

INTRODUCING OUR FREE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP SERIES - once a month, someone from our team will be leading a workshop based in creating neuroaffirming practices, tools & strategies to help you live a life that works WITH your brain instead of against it.  


Our workshop this month is all about Creating Nurturing Routines: Gentle Feeding Systems for Neurodivergent Families.

WHEN: Thurs Oct 26 @ 7:30pm EASTERN
WHERE: Zoom 

HOST: Rachel Cook 
- 1 hour workshop/group connection about gentle feeding systems for ND families
- FREEADHD-friendly workbook to complete on high capacity days that can serve you during times of low energy or burnout (we’ll work on this during the workshop!)


What you'll learn about:
1. Learn about why traditional ‘meal prep’ doesn’t work for a lot of us and our ADHD/ND brains

2. Identify the biggest issues you and your family are having when getting meals together. 

3. Create gentle systems for when burnout is approaching, but you still need to feed your kids (and yourself!)


Stay Tuned

More workshops coming soon!

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