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Amanda Bartsch

Neuroaffirming Professional Development Coach 

Amanda has spent years hearing the same feedback “she talks too much and needs to pay attention more”. After spending a decade in healthcare she made the jump to build a career in Learning and Leadership Development. This career move would prove to enable Amanda to follow her life-long passion to unlock leadership potential in employees across Canada. But there was still a disconnect. It was only after having her son and experiencing Postpartum Anxiety did the possibility of ADHD come up. 


At age 29, Amanda was diagnosed with ADHD. After hyperfocusing on everything ADHD she finally felt like she understood herself. As someone who had been labelled lazy and overly emotional understanding her diagnosis was critical. That’s where Lisa and the Lisa Hicks team came in and enabled Amanda to find ways to advocate and understand her needs. 

Amanda seeks to work with individuals to find strategies to enable their professional success. She will work with you to advocate for your individual needs and provide support along the way. 


Cocahing Specializations:

  • Working with neurodivergent individuals on their professional goals and accommodations 

  • Connecting with leaders to support their neurodivergent employees  

  • Facilitated sessions such as Public Speaking, Time Management, Project Leadership 

Work with Amanda:

Amanda will be offering 1:1 support in early Spring of 2023. She is also available for in-person or virtual workshops.


To connect with Amanda, please email us here.

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