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Kaylie Schmidt

Neurodivergent Parent Support Coach (R.N, BSN, PHN)

Kaylie is a mama to 3 neurospicy little humans who are the light of her life. After years of working as a NICU and triage nurse, Kaylie realized that her greatest calling is at home. Through the journey of understanding her children’s neurotypes, Kaylie came to understand her own Neurodivergence. Kaylie has a great love for learning, which became the catalyst for years of research on all things neurospicy. Her greatest passion lies in helping children feel comfortable in their own skin and understanding what makes them tick. Her methodology will always be that kids always WANT to do well when they are able to.

Kaylie loves coming alongside parents to empower them to understand their children on a deeper level. Her philosophy is that we can guide our Autistic children to a more peaceful and comfortable experience by listening to the lived experience of Autistic adults. Her goal is for no family to feel alone in the journey of understanding what goes on in our beautiful, complex, and fascinating little humans’ brains.


  • Working with Parents of Neurodivergent Children

  • Creating neuroaffirming tools, plans and strategies for Neurodivergent families 

  • Helping parents to understand Low 

Ways to work with Kaylie:

ONE-TO-ONE COACHING: Kaylie works with clients one-to-one and is currently open for booking

Roz Mbarki

Emily Klein, M.A Psychotherapy

Grief Coach & Reiki Practitioner 

Emily obtained her Masters in Psychotherapy in 2010. She began working as a mental health counselor in various venues with children, adolescents and adults. Some of her specialties have been ADHD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and grief. Her most recent  position was  as a behavioral therapist for individuals with traumatic brain injury.


She began her journey as a  grief coach after the loss of her partner and most recently after the unexpected loss of her child. Emily has decided to dedicate her career to helping other neurodivergent individuals navigate grief in a neuroaffirming space.  She is also certified in Reiki healing. 


Coaching Specializations:

  • Grief Support for Neurodivergent Individuals 

Ways to work with Roz:

Group Program: Emily will be running a Neuroaffirmative Grief Support Group starting Winter of 2023.

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