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Meet Samantha

Samantha Edwards

Neurodivergent Life Coach

@realsamanthaedwards on TikTok

Samantha (auDHD, C-PTSD she/her) is a trauma informed neurodivergent life coach that lives in New Brunswick, Canada with her two autistic children and husband. She loves all things peculiar, writing and her cat.


Samantha began her journey of becoming a neurodivergent life coach after her educational videos about autism went viral on Tik Tok. Her goal is to help neurodivergent people gain access to their authentic selves and live a more fulfilled life. 


Coaching Specializations:


- autism 

- unmasking autism

- supporting neurodivergent parents of neurodivergent children 

- emotional support 

Ways to Work With Samantha:

One-on-one coaching 

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