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What we offer...

Not sure what works best for you? Take a look below. If you still have questions, shoot us an email and we can help guide you. 


One-to-One Life Coaching 

Lisa (she/her) is the owner of this space. Specializing in ADHD and Neurodivergency, Lisa helps folx make significant changes in their lives. She will help you dig deep, uncover stuck emotions & unlearn old stories. She will help you discover what lights you up, identify any obstacles holding you back, and then come up with tools and strategies to kick-ass and thrive as the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled version of yourself.


One-to-One Goal Setting

Diane (she/her) brings 10+ years of goal coaching experience to our team. Perfect for anyone who knows where they want to go (or how they want to feel) but are unsure of what comes next. 

Diane will help you plan your course of action, break it down into manageable steps and lovingly hold you accountable along the way. 


One-to-One Peer Support

Rachel (she/her) is our resident Peer Support Coach. Specializing in BPD, Addictions and CBT, Rachel works with folx looking for a safe place to discuss the challenges they are facing and needing help and accountability for next steps. 

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One of our newest additions to our services are retreats. A space to connect, relax, be taken care of, heal and be seen. Each retreat has a different theme.

Our next retreat is Sept 29-Oct 2.


Flourish Community

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We have a large offering of community programs for all price points. Whether you're looking for ongoing mental health accountability, the best Mom Group you've ever been to, an open space to share or ADHD support, we've got you covered.


Our community is judgement-free, safe, actively anti-racist, 2SLGBTQIA+ friendly and always encouraging.


Workshops & Group Programs

Our group programs are centered around specific emotional growth but done in a group setting. Check out our current offering HERE.

Our workshops are typically available every month and range from breathwork, vision boarding, meditation & guest speakers. 

More details coming soon.

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