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Meet Diane

Diane Jenkins

Neuroaffirmative Goal & Accountability Coach

Meet Diane (ADHD, she/her). Diane sees possibility above all. Her goal is to support you in seeing possibility in yourself, and setting actionable goals to get you where you want to be. She’s a mother of two, living with ADHD and postpartum depression and anxiety. She is constantly seeking connection and community, and this with her background in goal coaching and supporting the growth of small businesses, it is clear her passion is is seeing those around her succeed and experience joy. She’s here for you to chat all things goals, career coaching and just how to make shit happen, for yourself.

Diane lives and breaths goal setting and uses her own practice in her life every day. She is a personal cheerleader, accountability partner and overall optimist you didn’t realize you needed.

Coaching Specializations: 

  • Setting Goals specifically for Neurodivergent Humans

  • Creating vision  for the future with actionable steps that make sense for your life

  • Accountability 

  • Vision Boarding

  • Emotional Support

Ways to work with Diane:

ONE-TO-ONE COACHING: *NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING CLIENTS - will be opening up in Early Spring 2023* Diane works with clients one-to-one to help identify their goals, help them to set manageable steps, holds them accountable (in the most loving way) and helps bring their dreams to fruition.

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