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Meet our Neuroaffirming Team

Founded by Lisa Hicks, this space is working to revolutionize the way we approach supporting Neurodivergent Folks. We know that there is no ONE fix, no ONE approach, no "one-size-fits-all" for the Neurodivergent experience.


We take a holistic approach, and provide experiences and offerings that will meet YOU where you are. Every session is uniquely designed to help you understand your brain and create a life that is safe, gentle and affirming for you. 

We also want to make support ACCESSIBLE, so we offer a variety of price points. 

In this space you will feel seen, heard and supported on your journey, no matter what that journey looks like for you. 

Here at the LH team we are dedicated to providing you with the EXACT support you need.


Click on the image of the team member to learn more about them. If you're not sure where to start book a complimentary exploration call.


Lisa Hicks

(AuDHD, she/her)

Founder & ADHD/ASD Support Specialist


Myron Parks

(AuDHD, he/they)

Neurodivergent Systems Coach


Diana Tiessen

(ADHD, she/her)




Diane Jenkins

(ADHD, she/her)

Retreat Facilitator 


Adele McKnight

(AuDHD, she/her)

Autism Family Support Coach and Resource Consultant

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