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Meet Lisa

Lisa Hicks Hons. B. A Psychology

Owner. Specializing in Unmasking & Burnout Recovery

for ADHD & Autistic Humans

Connect via Social Media @thatlisahicks


Meet Lisa Hicks (she/her), the driving force behind Lisa Hicks Coaching.

Lisa has an Honours Degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. Lisa has fortified her expertise with a roster of certifications. Her credentials include being a Certified Life Coach, as well as achieving a certificate in ADHD Management. Lisa also has 12+ years of experience in the corporate environment with a focus in Mar

Embarking on her journey in 2019, Lisa initially ventured into the realm of Life Coaching as a side pursuit, offering guidance to fellow mothers navigating the challenging path of parenthood. Over time, her endeavour flourished, leading her to make the bold decision to leave her corporate job of 10 years and become a full-time business owner in August 2020.

Amid the pandemic, Lisa's personal journey of self-discovery paralleled that of many others. Uncovering first her queer identity (Pan/Demisexual) followed by an ADHD diagnosis and self-diagnosed Autism, these revelations deepened her self-awareness. and helped her to answer so many questions she had about her life. This newfound passion led her to share her experiences online, culminating in the creation of the Neurosquad (an intimate community for neurodivergent individuals) in 2021.


Lisa's aim is to make this space a go-to hub for everything Neurodivergent. That means growing the team and what they bring to the table. The team is all about a well-rounded approach to help neurodivergent folks live a life that's all about low-demand, gentle, kindness, and total affirmation.

Lisa is the coach for you if...

  • You're a young adult or adult dealing with ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety – whether it's a formal diagnosis or self-diagnosed

  • You're all set to kick off an eye-opening adventure of self-discovery and are curious about delving deep into your limiting beliefs & stories

  • You're into the idea of learning tools designed to assist with unmasking or to give you a hand in recovering from burnout.



  • Each session starts with an energy and mood check-in.

  • We high-five your wins and review progress and/or challenges from last time.

  • Dive into your goals and how you're rocking them.

  • Space to share what's tripping you up or playing mind games.

  • New takeaways/homework for next time.



NEUROSQUAD COMMUNITY: Lisa's overarching goal centers on uniting kindred spirits via virtual community gatherings and support groups. Learn more about her monthly subscription program here.


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