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Meet Lisa

Lisa Hicks Hons. B. A Psychology

Owner. Specializing in ADHD and Neurodivergence

Lisa (AuDHD, she/her) is the owner of Lisa Hicks Coaching.


Lisa started her Life Coaching business as a side hustle in 2019 as a coach for Moms (after a particularly rough entry into motherhood). Over time, her business grew and she turned it into her full time gig in August of 2022.

Like so many others, Lisa casually discovered that she was queer, had ADHD and then Autism (in that order) over the course of the pandemic (thanks TikTok). Naturally, this became a special interest and when she started sharing about her journey online, she discovered there were more and more like her also looking for support. The Neurodivergent Support Squad was born.

As of 2023, she has grown her team to include coaches, specialists and therapists focused on providing safe, gentle and affirming care to Neurodivergent (aka Neurospicy) humans. 

Lisa HATES long walks on the beach (sand in your toes? *shudder*), dinner by the light of the TV and mostly staying home alone (or as alone as someone can be with a husband and two chidlren). She also likes over-explaining herself with the use of sidebars (just in case you didn't get her point). She is working on embracing a low-demand lifestyle for both herself and her family. 

What can Lisa help you with?

  • Understanding of ADHD and Neurodivergence

  • The Unmasking Journey

  • Sensory and Emotional Disregulation 

  • Negative and Intrusive Thoughts

Looking for different support? Check out the team here.

Ways to work with Lisa:

ONE-TO-ONE & GROUP COACHING: Lisa works 1:1 with clients to help understand their neurodivergence, unlearn old coping mechanisms, create and implement tools and strategies that make your neurodivergent life easier and more enjoyable. Through your time, clients also come to understand their thoughts, behaviours, limiting beliefs and destructive patterns. Her MISSION is create a world that works for you (instead of you working to fit into the world).

These sessions are also a safe space to talk about whatever is on your heart. Literally nothing is off limits in her sessions.

COMMUNITY: Lisa's goal is to bring like-minded people together through virtual community gatherings and support groups. Learn more monthly subscription program here


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