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One of the things that is most important to us is helping humans to feel less alone. 

Through our community we offer a variety of ways to connect to others, work on your mental health and come together with humans navigating similar challenges, highs & lows and more.

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Join the NeuroSquad community!

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Community Offerings

Body Doubling

This hour is designed to help you accomplish that task you keep putting off (particularly helpful for Neurodivergent Folx). We meet on Zoom for one hour, mute ourselves and get to work.

@ 10am ET
Wednesdays @ 2pm ET

Support Group

A safe space for Neurodivergent Folx. Share your journey, listen to others. You can simply observe or share if you'd like! No diagnosis required. If you feel like you might have ADHD, Autism or ND, this space is for you too.

Every other Tuesday
@ 7:30pm ET

Neurodivergent Parents Support Group

A safe place for parents who have ADHD (or are Neurodivergent) or parents with kids who are Neurodivergent. 

A place to share, connect, trade tips & strategies

Every other Thursday 
@ 9:30 am ET

Discounts on 
Workshops & Merch

All members of the NeuroSquad receive exclusive discounts on workhops, group programs and our entire merch store!


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