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Meet Adele


Adele McKnight

Autism Family Support Coach and Resource Consultant

Adele (she/her, AuDHD, GAD) a dedicated advocate for the autism community, brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to her role as an Autism Family Support Coach and Resource Consultant. As a mother of three autistic boys, Adele's journey into advocacy began with her oldest son's diagnosis in 2019. Along this path, Adele discovered not only the challenges of parenting neurodivergent children but also her own late diagnoses of ADHD and Autism. Recognizing a significant gap in services for parents, particularly during the daunting diagnostic process, Adele has made it her mission to bridge this gap and foster a community of support for families with neurodivergent children.

With a background as Educational Assistant and Social Service Work, Adele is well-equipped to provide invaluable assistance to both children with disabilities in the school setting and parents seeking support. Her sessions offer a safe and inclusive space for parents and caregivers of autistic children, providing them with essential support throughout the diagnostic process, assistance in accessing local community services, and a much-needed platform to share their challenges, fears, and successes. Adele's commitment to building connections, reducing isolation, and preventing burnout within the autism community underscores her unwavering dedication to creating a brighter, more inclusive future for families facing similar challenges.


Coaching Specialties

Parents/caregivers of autistic children who need:

  • Support throughout the diagnostic process for their children

  • Assistance with finding, accessing, and connecting with local community services and supports

  • A safe space to discuss challenges, fears and successes - A sense of community and connection to other parents/caregivers


Ways to work with Adele:

  • ONE-TO-ONE COACHING - Adele works with clients on a 1:1 basis


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