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Meet Rachel

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Rachel Cook

Nutrition & Mindfulness Support

Rachel brings 15 years of nutrition self-study and 4 years of lived experience as a  Neurodivergent parent to Lisa Hicks Coaching. She is also a certified health coach and trauma-informed, Registered Yoga Teacher who uses her extensive training to create “safe container” for her clients and those around her. A battle with depression during college led her to seek healing on her own and discover solutions to health problems that eluded Western medicine practitioners. Along the way, she adopted a yoga practice, received an ADHD diagnosis and fostered an enduring passion for plant-based nutrition. 

Amidst several years of dedicated self-exploration and unexpected life shifts—marked by the arrival of her two children during the pandemic—Rachel adapted her skills to navigate the challenges of parenting while managing her own big feelings and a seemingly constant need for innovation in the kitchen. Her relentless curiosity about nutrition and intentional eating drives her to get creative during mealtimes, while being supported by her expertise in breathwork and mindfulness, especially in high-stress parenting moments.

Navigating her own personal struggles with self-regulation and feeding her family has Rachel fired up about helping neurodiverse folks during similar sticky seasons of life. She is passionate about guiding her clients to use tiny moments as inspiration for something great. Explore Rachel's personalized coaching by scheduling a discovery call or join her vibrant community to embark on a journey of growth and support!

Rachel is the coach for you if:

  • You are an AuDHD adult struggling to feed your body in a way that makes you feel your best

  • You are an AuDHD parent with NT or ND kids (or a combination of both) and want to ease mealtime challenges–before, during and after eating

  • You have tried yoga, meditation or breath work before and think that it could never work for you (but are hoping to reconnect with your breath and feel at home in your body)

  • You need some accountability, some cheering on or just someone to hold space for anything that’s coming up

If you have chosen to work with Rachel 1:1 through 'Feeding your ND Family,' a typical session will entail:

  • mood and energy check-in

  • discuss progress from the previous session

  • celebrating successes and troubleshooting challenges

  • setting new goals or solidifying established ones with gentle, realistic systems


If you have chosen to work with Rachel 1:1 through 'Integrating Breathwork & Mindfulness for the ND Brain,' a typical session will entail:

  • mood and energy check-in

  • breath work and/or guided meditation practice to begin the sessiondiscuss strategies and gentle systems for grounding and being present

  • space for anything that is coming up

Ways to work with Rachel:

  • 1:1 Coaching: 

    • Feeding your ND Family ($125 USD/hr)

    • Holding Space and Integrating Breathwork and Midnfulness for the ND Brain ($125 USD/hr)

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